Parimatch Responsible Gambling

All you need to know before you start betting with Parimatch

Gambling should by no means interfere with a player’s normal life. We strongly recommend playing responsibly and controlling the situation, so that gambling and slot machines bring pleasure, but do not turn into a problem.

Protecting minors

People under 18 years old are not allowed to use Parimatch services. Employees of the company may initiate identity checks in order to verify the player’s age. They have the right to suspend the account until the user presents the requested documents.

As part of parental control, it is recommended to use software filtering systems such as and This will keep minors away from participating in gambling.

Gambling addiction

Gambling entertainment is a form of recreation that is mostly harmless. Nevertheless, the widespread use of various thrilling games has led to an increase in gambling addiction among susceptible individuals. Parimatchbet betting site is committed to responsible gambling and does not work with individuals who have a painful necessity to gamble.

The company uses effective tools to detect addictive behavior that can lead to psychological addiction to slot machines. Parimatch’s internal system makes it possible to identify users who systematically incur losses that could be harmful to gamblers’ financial situation. Technical support staff gets in touch with such players to assess the situation and discuss the possibility of self-restraint.

Parimatch users are provided with information on the tools necessary to minimize financial risks, setting deposit limits, expenses, and session duration. Gamblers who are prone to psychological addiction to games are recommended to limit their access to the profile for a period of 24 hours to 1.5 months.


Painful attraction to gambling is a serious problem, so we offer players to take a test that can be used to evaluate their current risks to get a gambling addiction. Give 20 answers at and read the experts’ comments.

Take advantage of tips to help keep the addiction under control:

  • Before gambling, determine the amount you can spend without harming your own budget. Do not exceed the set limit under any circumstances.
  • Do not gamble when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is also not recommended to avoid gambling when you are depressed or in a bad mood.
  • Do not borrow money to gamble. The willingness to borrow money for spending in a casino or slots is a classic sign of pathological gambling addiction.
  • Alternate gambling with other activities. If you play in a casino, take breaks to rest.
  • Remember that gambling is designed for fun and to improve your mood, so don’t take it too seriously.


Pathological passion for gambling is accompanied by the narrowing of the sphere of interests, atypical emotional reactions to losses, and deterioration of social adaptation. If you realize that you have lost control over yourself, use the Self-Exclusion option.

Contact the support team via online chat or email and tell them you want to stop playing on Parimatch. You can temporarily block your account and disable notifications of promotions from the company and its affiliates.

During the period of self-exclusion, many individuals suffering from addiction feel anxiety, irritation, and particular craving for gambling. By the power of psychological discomfort, such need is comparable to addiction to psychotropic substances. So it is strongly recommended to resort to the help of a specialist, thanks to whom you will be able to take the gambling habit under control.

The alternative option will be to apply to the gambling help centers – Gambling Anonymous and Gambling Therapy. Qualified specialists will help you get rid of your gambling addiction.

Operator Actions

Parimatch reserves the right to block the profiles of players with obvious signs of mental illness who show a gambling addiction. In order to ensure the safety of their funds, we may close an account or decline a request to resume play.

You shouldn’t deny or hide gambling addiction – it only supports a distorted reality along the lines of “if those around you can’t see the problem, then there isn’t one.” If you feel like you are losing control, be sure to seek help from the professionals at our company.